What Makes a Board Chairperson Great?

Being a board chairperson means being a pioneer in the use of new technologies – without the involvement of the leader in the process of mastering new technologies, the team will not use them either.

The Connection Between Personal Management and Becoming a Board Chairperson

The subject of the science of personnel management is the basic laws and driving forces that determine the behavior of people and communities in conditions of joint work. In this case, research is carried out at the levels:

  • management processes in which the person is directly involved;
  • organizations (enterprises) as systems for achieving certain goals with the help of people and their actions;
  • the person himself as a person and an obligatory participant in industrial relations.

Many board chairpersons, without realizing this, assess the workload of an employee “by eye” – how intensely he looks, whether he is late at work. Remote work makes it difficult to use this (rather ineffective) method. Agree with employees on how you will track their workload. Some teams maintain a general table where they enter all their current tasks, which allows the manager to independently assess the workload of employees. Other teams agree that employees evaluate their workload themselves (for example, they use the principle of traffic lights and display the appropriate codes incorporating messengers).

Besides, the transition to remote work and the avalanche-like increase in the frequency of online communications leads to an increase in cyberattacks. Consult with your IT department about information security practices and regularly remind employees of the basic principles of digital hygiene.

Thus, it is necessary to take into account one more specific feature of the board chairperson – teamwork. The project is implemented by a “temporary” team of performers, assembled only to achieve the goals of each specific project, and the project manager must effectively perform the function of managing such a “temporary” formation – this is another significant difference between a project manager and a functional leader.

The Main Features that Make a Board Chairperson Great

The Board Chairperson protects and promotes the organization capitalization through:

  • A systematic approach that allows planning and implementation of long-term activities organizations.
  • Improved decision-making and strategic planning by forming an understanding of the structure of business processes, changes in the environment, potential opportunities, and threats for the organization.
  • Contribution to the process of the most efficient use/allocation of capital and resources of the organization.
  • Reducing the degree of uncertainty about less critical aspects of the organization.
  • Protecting the property interests of the organization and improving the company’s image.
  • Professional development of employees and creation of organizational knowledge base.
  • Optimization of business processes.

When becoming a board chairperson, the qualifications of the board manager must not be lower than the requirements of the project at the time of entry. During the implementation of the project, the qualifications of the project manager must be consistent with the requirements of the project at all times. If for some reason, at some time interval, the project requirements exceed the qualifications of the project manager, then it can be argued that this project with this manager will either be performed ineffectively and the project manager will need to be replaced, or the project will generally fail. To further pursue a career as a project manager, upon completion of the next project, the qualifications of its manager must meet the requirements of the next project.